Some guy who

Hello. I’m just some guy who writes bad jokes. Probably some guy who makes things look pretty too. Not a miracle worker, mind you, so asking me to turn a frog into a prince is probably beyond my reach.

But the web—this giant behemoth of cats, GIFs and cat GIFs—and how we design for this exciting space of screens and digital natives? These are all questions I like to solve working in the Digital Product Development department for Condé Nast. Together, we help brands such as Vogue, Wired and GQ share their content with beautifully simple mobile-first solutions.

So, yes, I’m a multi-disciplinary designer who sometimes writes and sometimes codes. Yeah right. I mostly eat weird, sticky food and pull faces in other people’s photos. Other interests include music and football. Sadly it’s true, I’m a great Manchester United fan with a passion for italo disco and weird 80s jams. Somehow there are still people out there willing to put up with that. Especially this one, every weekend.

Over the last few years I’ve worked on some exciting digital projects for Time Inc., River Group, and more. Some of these experiences have been shared on here but say hello if you have any questions. Go ahead, ask me anything. Even if you have a frog that needs turning into a prince. Maybe we’ll get along.


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Vogue, Time Inc., River Group, Boat International Media, Affari Media, Show Media, RBI, Motor Sport, Notion Magazine, Metro, Rev GP Journal, and more.


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